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    Change is a fact of life, and that’s a good thing, because change is what makes life interesting. To be prepared for all the big and small challenges, you have to take care of yourself and your own well-being. We can help you to maintain balance so that you feel good in every way and can enjoy life in all its facets. Love, desire, passion, family planning, menopause – every one of these topics is closely connected to your genital health. To preserve them as much as possible, it is important to take precautions, to be prepared for an emergency and to bring the vaginal flora quickly back into balance and keep it healthy.

    We care deeply about supporting women in the protection of their healthy, powerfully defensive vaginal environment, and about standing shoulder to shoulder in the battle against the most common genital problems in a familiar and proven way. To protect your vaginal flora in every phase of life, you can call on naturally effective and reliable products for self-administration in the following areas:

    Product image Vagiflor Care: Vaginal pH test for early detection of disturbed vaginal flora


    Worry free.

    Shape your own untroubled life.

    Prevention is the best medicine. Trust what you feel and be good to your body. That way, germs won’t have a chance.

    During pregnancy too, it is important to recognise changes quickly so as to avoid potential complications.

    With Vagiflor® care – vaginal pH test, you will be aware of a vaginal imbalance early, allowing you to respond rapidly.

    Vagiflor® care – vaginal pH test

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    Vagiflor Cystimed and Vagiflor Mykomed for cystitis and fungal infection



    Treat infections and alleviate unpleasant symptoms.

    Vagiflor® cystimed D-Mannose works in a natural way by simply excreting E. coli, the main cause of cystitis, in the urine.

    Vagiflor® cystimed D-Mannose

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    With Vagiflor® mykomed 200 mg Vaginaltabletten you have a well-established preparation for the treatment of vaginal mycosis. In the intimate area use Mykomed 10 mg/g Creme.

    Vagiflor® mykomed 200 mg Vaginaltabletten

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    Mykomed 10 mg/g creme

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    Product picture Vagiflor: Restoration and maintenance of the natural pH-value



    Restore your natural balance.

    External influences and hormonal fluctuations alike can disturb the physiological balance of genital flora.

    For rapid regeneration and day-to-day protection, it is vital that sufficient lactobacilli keep the pH level of the vaginal flora low, ideally between 3.8 and 4.4.

    Use Vagiflor® vaginal suppositories to restore and maintain a healthy, defensive vaginal environment.

    Vagiflor® vaginal suppositories

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