• An intimate matter

    Do you have personal questions about vaginal health? In our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) you will find comprehensive information on many subjects that concern our users.

    If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, our Vagiflor® team will be happy to help you. Just get in touch with us

    Informationen und Hilfe zum Thema Frauengesundheit

    A healthy intimate area plays a
    major role in a woman’s sense of well-being.

    Many different bacteria make up a healthy vaginal environment. The most important are the lactobacilli. Their primary task is to maintain a constant low pH level, thereby safely and effectively defending against germs. With our
    Vagiflor® vaginal suppositories, you can regenerate your immune system the natural way and prevent infections.

    As your partner for intimate health, we provide you with easily understandable information on strengthening and regenerating a healthy vaginal flora, on conditions such as vaginal yeast infections, on the physiological imbalance seen with bacterial vaginosis, along with other things worth knowing about symptoms, causes and treatment of gynecological complaints.

    We also help you to take effective preventive measures.

    There’s nothing to worry about. Treatment of vaginal infections, for example yeast infections, is often quick and uncomplicated. The first step is to identify the problem so that the most effective suitable therapy can be applied. You can ask us with confidence. We are there for you.

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